The Azuria Droids!

You may have heard of the Azuria Droids, those quirky, somewhat cute, little 3D robots. We’ve revealed many of them, but have shared very little details so far. What are they? What do they represent and what can you do with them? As we approach the mint date, let’s take a deep dive and explain why you may want to get your hands on one of them.

What are they?

The Azuria Droids are a set of 5555 randomly generated 3D robots that live in the Azuria Metaverse, an online 3D open world (read the Azuria white-paper here). They’re the first NFT collection of Azuria and will be available to mint very soon on the Solana blockchain.

The Droids represent the founding community of Azuria and embody its core values: Sustainability, Innovation, and Collaboration. We have designed the droids as symbols of those values, and would like their owners to believe in them as well. The droids are not Degen. They are rational, kind, creative, and helpful. The Azuria Droids are universal beings.

Physical description

Each droid is made up of three body sections: the head, the torso and the abdomen. The body sections are magnetically attached to one another making them capable of moving independently. The head, for instance, may rotate 360 degrees in one direction, while the torso may rotate equally, but in the opposite direction.

The droids interact with the world using their arms and they travel using a set of four pivoting thrusters attached to their abdomen. They can reach a top speed of 36mk/h.

They utilize a bi-energy power source: hydrogen and solar. This mixture gives them an autonomy of around one full year before requiring replacement of the hydrogen cells.

Various traits adorn the droids. Some wear hats and diverse chest decorations. Their outer shell materials vary in texture and colour, but their internals are all the same. A total of 157 possible traits compose the collection.

The droids are gender-less and it is up to their owners to decide of their identity.


1. Playable

Each droid is playable in the upcoming Azuria Metaverse. Each owner will be given a 3D version of their NFT droid which they’ll be able to control within the metaverse game. The droids will be usable as Avatars at first, but then also as companions at later stages.

The Azuria Metaverse is not a P2E game, but rather a place to meet, hangout, and exchange ideas. Droid owners will be the first to be given access to the world.

2. Whitelisted

As a founding member of Azuria, droid holders will be have whitelist priority for future drops, including the upcoming Azuria Land Drop (subject to drop specific WL allocation rules).

3. Exclusive access

Certain events and locations of the Azuria Metaverse may be exclusive to droid owners.

4. Airdrops

The droids wallets may receive airdrops of various kinds: tokens, nfts, in-game items, event passes, etc.


We do not believe in a static world. Hence, we’ve decided to continuously upgrade the Droids over time. The upgrade will be done in generations. The first generation of Droids is called GEN 1. We aim to upgrade them at a cadence of roughly once per year. The upgrade process will happen automatically and all Droids will be upgraded at the same time.

The upgrades may include updated artwork and new functionality. This evolution process will happen in tandem with the evolution of the Azuria world itself.

Wen Mint?

Hope you enjoyed reading about the droids! We’re super excited to embark on this new adventure together.

The Azuria Droids are dropping sometime in May 2022. Follow us on Twitter for the latest:

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